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We are a 501(c)3 community outreach organization that aims to improve connectedness and provide resources for the people of the Inland Empire.     


We work collectively to provide resources that support the community as a whole. ​ We highlight social injustice and the need for local, positive change.  We create a sense of community through inclusivity. We demand change at local levels and influence local leadership.  



To help underserved communities in the IE by providing access to programs, organizations, resources and events. 


​Two diseases drove a wedge in our society in 2020: Racism & COVID-19.  

BOTH changed the world as we knew it & BOTH created opportunities for change. 

We are Stronger Together Now, a ground roots collective within the Inland Empire who created a community outreach nonprofit.

Out of disconnect, from uncertainty, 

and against intense fears - 

We service all of the Inland Empire with the intention to “Enable, Educate & Empower”.  

STN uses these core values to restore communities, especially those most heavily impacted by racism, COVID and inequity.

These are examples of outreach that have immediately benefited the IE: 

One, we promote Community Outreach. This includes Clean-Ups & Park Restoration in inner city areas that are plagued with trash (quarterly). Book Drives (biannual), & Community Events (monthly) in Redlands and San Bernardino via our Giving Market.

Two, Youth Enablement which initially took shape through mentorship programs & Book Drives run by the local Black Student Union, who provide books K-12. Now, with partnership through SB Valley College, students can enroll into dual enrollment curriculum under the STN Youth Empowerment Program. Students receive college credit for the following: 1) Impactful Community Service, 2) Career Readiness, 3) Socio-Emotional Learning & 4) Financial Literacy.

Three, Local Leadership Accountability which is evident through community events like the SoulFood Fest, Giving Sundays, Juneteenth Jam! & La Más Festival, where local leadership is directly involved. 

Four, we Empower the People to share dialogue on important local issues.  One example would be our “All Inclusive Park Project”, where surveys filled out focused on the community’s wish list for park upgrades.  

Stronger Together Now reminds people how good it feels to:

  • work together towards a common goal & vision

  • uplift & restore our communities 

  • show up & demand local changes that will have positive impact 

We dispel the notion that one cannot thrive and is unable. We are enablers. 

We help others to find their own strength and purpose, by reminding them of their part in the greater whole.

We remind the people of their power. 

And they remind us, of ours.  

Would you support this initiative through partnership, volunteering, sponsorship or donation? 


➡️ When we put out a call to action, RESPOND! 
➡️ Become a SPONSOR!  

➡️ COLLABORATE with us!  
➡️ And lastly, DONATE. 

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Our links will allow you to sign up for current events or programs as they are actively happening in the Inland Empire. Links are to partnered STN events. 



Juneteenth Jam! is a collaborative effort to recognize & celebrate the National Holiday, Juneteenth, hosting a day of celebration at Ferguson Park with Tomorrow's World, a 501(c)3 organization. The intention is to recognize the diverse-lived experience and honor the cultural history of Juneteenth. 

The Juneteenth Jam! will attract attendees from all walks of life that will support the participating vendors, artists, musicians, speakers and businesses. Attendees can expect movies, food, live music, basketball tournaments, Skatepark Takeover, dance instruction, as well as a free community market.

The collaborative effort will recognize the diverse-lived experience and honor cultural history of Juneteenth. The Juneteenth Day of Celebration will attract attendees from all walks of life that will support the participating vendors.



The SoulFood Fest Part I & II, is meant to bring awareness and showcase the positives of the black community in the form of a "cookout". We keep it to black food vendors or those known to make the best soul food in the region. We have a food tasting contest with 7-8 judges and prizes that include free marketing packages for winning vendors. 

This is our way to support local vendors who may not have brick and mortar. We also have Spades, Dominoes & Chess competitions. Local musicians and DJs perform, and our policy is open-mic for anyone wishing to speak on issues in the community. Black Voice Network is an official partner of Giving Sundays, but definitely provides important media outlet for this event. 



We have biannual book drives to ensure our local youth have access to free books at every reading level, K-12 and beyond. STN partners with Frugal Frigate, Children’s Foundation of America, Trinity Youth Services, local hospitals & Superabilitee Inc Tutoring. 



The La Mas Festival celebrates all Hispanic, Latine, Indigenous & Mexicano/a cultures through a musical festival with 9-piece salsa band, free community salsa lessons, dances/performers, showcasing of local artists, free market and artisan vendor market. 

Again, we have an open mic policy at Giving Sundays and local leaders speak on the current movements, such as ICE Detention Centers, missing Indigena Women/Girls, Street Vendor issues, Political movements, marginalization, voter suppression, etc...




Part of the mission of Stronger Together Now is to improve connectedness and also provide resources to the people of Inland Empire. Our main purpose is to enable, educate and empower those who have been marginalized historically, and create events that are inclusive in nature.  

Even aside from Black History, Women's History, AAPI, Pride and Hispanic Heritage months, we have consistent, inclusive, culturally-significant events on a monthly basis. 
We collaborate with other orgs to provide a Free Market with donated resources available to anyone in need. Most items include hygiene, clothing, books, food and toys. Giving Sundays is our way to provide resources locally to the community. 
Our next four events will be the Juneteenth Jam! (Rialto) on 6/19, SoulFood Fest Part II (Redlands) on 9/30, La Mas Festival (Redlands) on 10/22 and Holiday Community Drive (Redlands) on 11/19. 



The success of Stronger Together Now & Redlands Makers Market''s monthly Giving Sundays in downtown Redlands means it's time to bring it to more communities in the IE! Our next focus is San Bernardino, but instead of artisans and vintage clothing; we'll bring awareness and resources, with free market items monthly to ensure community needs are being addressed. 
STN & RMM would love for you to be a part of our monthly Giving Market. Please let us know if you're interested in becoming a value partner, as a vendor, service org or a nonprofit organization. 
Let's improve the state of IE and SB together!

Pricing for 10x10 space:Vendors: $50
Food & beverage vendors: $50
Service orgs: $25
Nonprofits: Free



Stronger Together Now is partnering with SB Valley College to enroll students into curriculum under the STN Youth Empowerment Program. 
Students will receive college credit for the following: 1) Impactful Community Service, 2) Career Readiness, 3) Socio-Emotional Learning & 4) Financial Literacy. 
Enrollment for 2023 Summer Semester is open now! Space is limited.
1 unit class = 18 contact hours. 3 unit class = 54 contact hours. 
Coursework is a hybrid model with weekly instructor-guided virtual content, plus biweekly in-person & service hour requirement. 
Stay tuned for enrollment workshops on a campus near you!

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1525 N D St Suite 6 San Bernardino, CA 92405 

+1 (909) 712-7489

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