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We are a 501(c)3 community outreach organization that aims to improve connectedness and provide resources for the people of the Inland Empire. Our main purpose is to enable, educate & empower.   

Our WHY 

is to create a more inclusive community,

provide resources to underserved,

influence local leadership 

& empower the people. 

CREATE more inclusive community. As our events consistently show, time after time, we are building an inclusive community that not only inspires multiple generations but enables them to be a part of it. 

PROVIDE resources to the underserved.  Whether it’s cleanups, food, hygiene kits, clothes, toys or books - we are dedicated to providing resources to underserved areas, or making them aware of the resources available to them. This builds a foundational trust with community.

INFLUENCE local leadership. Our team is dedicated to showing up where it matters.  Representing at school district, city council, coalition meetings, or sharing our perspective via news and radio outlets, writing articles and serving as commissioners locally - all provide a means to make way for impactful change.

“It matters not if you hold the keys, so long as you have the ear to influence the people who do.”

EMPOWER the people.  Our organization promotes the self-actualization or influence of individuals by helping them to recognize their own strengths.  We help cultivate an environment where leaders can thrive.  


We work collectively to provide resources that support the community as a whole. ​ We highlight social injustice and the need for local, positive change.  We create a sense of community through inclusivity. We demand change at local levels and influence local leadership.  



To help underserved communities in the IE by providing access to programs, organizations, resources and events. 


​Two diseases drove a wedge in our society in 2020: Racism & COVID-19.  

BOTH changed the world as we knew it & BOTH created opportunities for change. 

Protesting on the heels of George Floyd resulted in Kai’s arrest.  As our Cofounder and VP, it catapulted us into a fight for his life that was not anticipated, nor was it warranted. The extreme nature of Kai’s arrest was debilitating and it was painful to watch - as he became a victim of the system.  It shell-shocked our sense of norm and added an extra weight to all we were enduring. 

We are StrongerTogetherNow.

 Founders, Kai King & Janelle Guerrero. Together with the support of our board,

we created a community outreach nonprofit…

Out of disconnect,

from uncertainty, 

and against intense fears - 

STN is a community-based, nonprofit organization that services all of the Inland Empire -

our livelihood is dependent on our ability to “Enable, Educate & Empower”.  

STN uses these core values to restore communities,

especially those most heavily impacted by racism, COVID and inequity.

These are examples of outreach that have immediately benefited the IE: 

One, we promote Community Outreach.  This includes Bimonthly Clean Ups, in inner city areas that are plagued with trash (monthly). Book Drives (quarterly), Community Events (quarterly), & Parks Restoration (ongoing).

Two, Youth Enablement which has taken shape through mentorship programs & quarterly Book Drives run by the local Black Student Union and our Youth Outreach Ambassadors, who provide books  K-12. 

Three, Local Leadership Accountability which is evident through community events like the Juneteenth Music Festival, where local leadership is directly involved. 

Four, we Empower the People to share dialogue on important local issues.  One example would be our All Inclusive Park Project where surveys filled out focused on the community’s wishlist for parks.  There was a strong need for environmentally friendly splash pads, since the desert heat is a constant factor for families in the IE. 

What will bring this all together is our Volunteer App which is currently in development.  

It will support these efforts by:

1) hosting all nonprofit events,

2) providing info on when they are happening, &

3) how people can get involved.

The data from the app will also help us to assess if physical community spaces are needed.

StrongerTogetherNow reminds people how good it feels to work together towards a common goal & vision.  How good it feels to uplift & restore.  How important it is to show up & demand changes when needed. 

We dispel the notion that one cannot thrive and is unable. 

We are enablers. 

We help others to find their own strength and purpose,

by reminding them of their part in the greater whole.

We remind the people of their power. 

And they remind us, of ours.  

Would you support this initiative through partnership, volunteering, sponsorship or donation? 


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