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What have we accomplished since Aug 2020?

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

STN was founded in August 2020 by Kai Joseph King & Janelle Martin Guerrero. What have we done since its onset?

ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN 2020: ORGANIZED: Hike4Humanity, Self-Defense instruction, exercise classes, basketball games, BackPack Giveaway, Spiritual Retreats, Local VoiceBox thinking tanks, Dance4theIE, Dance4theDino, & Books4TheBlock. AMPLIFIED: POC-owned local businesses, instructors, vendors, artists & DJs. COLLABORATED: with organizations such as NextGenUnited, Redlands BSU, Music Changing Lives, VeniceBall/HoopBus, Jenna Guzman-Lowrey campaign, the Artlands, Creatvegrounds, Sistas Making a Difference, M.A. Dream fundraising, DIY Art Studio & more! HELPED feed & clothe the underserved though collaborative efforts with Music Changing Lives, which included organizing and distributing donated items. PLANNED local projects, such as #SpreadPaintNotHate alongside Music Changing Lives. ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN 2021:

BECOME a Non-Profit. CREATE programs like Kids Sports Bubble, #SpreadPaintNotHate, Women’s Celebration Event & Dance for Humanity, WomantoWomen’s SipnNShop, & BooksGalore. ORGANIZE events with focus on local issues, resources, collaboration, community needs, engagement and accountability. AMPLIFY POC-owned local businesses, instructors, vendors, artists & DJs. COLLABORATE with local organizations as a collective. We partner often with Music Changing Lives, YMCA, The Artlands, Thrive Single Moms, Redlands Raiders, Coachella Valley Heat Wave, Never Stop Grinding, Curious Publishing, Change West Covina, & Oye Tu Radio, in addition to organizations mentioned in 2020. VOLUNTEER our time and energy throughout the year for clothing, food, toy & book drives. As well as volunteer to support programs we have created for our communities. WORK on projects like #SpreadPaintNotHate alongside Music Changing Lives and see the successful completion of Basketball court renovations in IE communities. ENGAGE our Youth with events, drives and focus groups to meet their needs. EMPOWER women, transgender and marginalized groups within our community. Provide them with resources necessary to empower and amplify their voices. FIGHT for the rights of all people. HOLD leadership accountable. CREATE local chapters of StrongerTogetherNow in LA, OC, SD. PROVIDE solid legal resources for protestors and frontline activists in our communities.

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